Don’t Let These Myths Stop You from Starting a Healthier Lifestyle


Everyone wants to live a healthy life. But only a chosen few were able to maintain healthy habits. If you are unable to commit, know that you are not alone.

It is not enough that you want to start living a better and healthier life. Sometimes, we lack the knowledge, motivation, and support needed to sustain the kind of lifestyle we want. Out of these three things, lack or inefficient knowledge is what stops most people from even starting their journey to a healthy life.

If you really want to achieve your healthy lifestyle goal, then it is time that you stop believing the following healthy lifestyle myths.

Living a healthy life is expensive

One common misconception is that it will cost you more money to live a healthy life. Some people think they can’t afford to be healthy. When you live from paycheck to paycheck and your income is barely enough to sustain you and your family’s needs, one will have to tighten their belts and only buy the things their budget permits. But many argue that there are ways you can still live and eat healthy even when you are on a tight budget.

For one, you don’t necessarily need to invest in monthly gym memberships just so you can start a workout routine. When time is not your friend and you can only hit the gym twice a week, then it would be better to invest your money somewhere else. You can save your money to start a small business, pursue a hobby, or surprise your loved ones with T-shirt screen printing featuring your own designs instead.

One doest necessarily need a gym membership to find direction. There are tons of free workout tutorials you can get online. You can exercise whenever, wherever, and won’t have to worry about anyone else judging your amateur moves. You don’t even need to invest in gym equipment to complete a workout routine or two.

Many people also think healthier food options are costly. In reality, one will need to consider many factors before we can pinpoint if this is true. For one, you may prefer processed food because these are way cheaper than fruits and vegetables. But then, your daily trip to coffee shops and love for fast food stops you from getting healthier food.

I don’t have time to accommodate a healthy life

People often use lack of time as an excuse as to why they can’t afford to start and retain healthy habits. With all the responsibilities waiting for you, it is easy to think there is absolutely no way you can cook healthy meals, exercise regularly, and get enough rest and sleep. But there are still many ways you can go around to fit healthy lifestyle habits on your schedule.

How come successful people can commit to healthy living? They may have millions of things to take care of in a day. But they still manage to prioritize health despite their busy wealth-building schedule. This is because successful people already have routines that support their goals.


You may think you don’t have time spare to exercise a few minutes each day. Know that only athletes need to do heavy exercises every single day. Daily yoga during your rest break and trying to walk more steps during the day is good enough exercise to keep your blood pumping.

My loved ones might criticize my lifestyle change

Many fear rejection and criticism from their loved ones. They think no one would support their decision to make healthy lifestyle changes, which is why they opt to do it alone. But you can never tell if they will support you or not if you don’t give it a go.

Those who truly love and care about you will support your decision to finally embrace a healthy life. It may be hard to eat and hang out with family and friends who don’t practice your new lifestyle. But there are ways you can woo them into also change their lifestyle habits for the better.

For one, you can practice your cooking skills and prepare meals that are both tasty and healthy. Instead of your usual grocery routine, stock up on healthy food options and snacks. Entice your loved ones to go out for a run, hit the gym, or go on a hike with you. You might be surprised by how much support you can get for vocalizing your plans to family and friends.

If in case you fail to get their support, don’t lose hope. There are other ways you can gain support. For one, you can even seek the support of the pros so you can get professional help. You can join a cooking class, a yoga class, or even participate in marathons to find yourself a new running buddy. Befriending other individuals who already have the same goals as you is a great way to stay on track.

Deciding to start living healthy is hard. But what is even more difficult is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Continue to educate yourself on the best practices so you don’t end up believing misconceptions that surround healthy living.

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