Is This the Future of Laundry?

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Doing the laundry seems to be one of those chores that everybody hates. It’s commonly right up there with washing the dishes and cleaning the bathroom. And yet, “fresh linen” or “freshly washed clothes” are familiar scents that candle makers create to evoke feelings of calm and relaxation. There’s also an ongoing competition among laundry detergent and fabric softener manufacturers to see who can come up with better scents that last longer.

You might not often think of the laundry industry as being innovative, but experts continuously experiment to provide ways for consumers to enjoy doing laundry more. These innovations are also happening in both the commercial sector and in residences across the world.

Commercial Laundry Innovations

Most business owners nowadays are aware that they are catering to a better-informed consumer that even the most mundane services, such as doing laundry or house cleaning, are being improved.

Eco-Sustainable Practices

Millennials now make up the biggest population in the USA, even surpassing Baby Boomers, and they are also said to be the most eco-conscious. They incorporate their environmentalism in almost all aspects of their lives, including how they choose which laundromat to do business with.

If you’re just as eco-friendly, you’ll be happy to hear that most commercial laundry establishments have environmentally conscious practices in place. Some use green detergents while others invest in high-efficiency machines that consume less energy.

Mobile Services

Can’t go to the laundromat? They will come to you instead. Some laundry places have begun offering pick-up and delivery of dirty clothes, so you don’t even have to leave home to get your laundry done. This is both a time-saver for you and better for the environment since these laundry shops can decrease your carbon footprint by planning a route that serves most people in your local neighborhood.

Some of these mobile services take it one step further and offer washing and drying services via a laundry truck. What started as a way for two friends to bring laundry services to the poor and homeless has since garnered traction all across the globe as a convenient way to do one’s laundry.

Residential Laundry Advancements

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If you’re lucky enough to have your own washing machine at home, manufacturers also have some innovations to offer to make laundry day less of a chore.

Detergents in Pods and Papers

One of the pitfalls many Americans face when doing the laundry is the amount of soap to use per load. Too little and you won’t clean your clothes properly. Too much, and you’ll risk overflowing your washing machine. Detergents that come in pods or papers take the hassle out of measuring and lessens the time you need to finish your laundry.

Detergent-Free Washing Machines

How about we take that solution one step further and look at how some machines don’t even use detergent anymore? While this would entail purchasing a brand-new machine (and that could be expensive), some gadgets can be attached to your existing washing machine’s cold water line that infuses the water with oxygen that supposedly cleans clothes and takes out stains.

All these innovations in how we do laundry take into consideration the kind of lifestyle most of us lead. Now, if only someone could come up with a solution for the pile of clean laundry that needs to be sorted, folded, and put away.

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