How to Plan the Virtual Prom Night

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Due to the ongoing pandemic, high school seniors worldwide don’t have the means to celebrate an important springtime tradition — prom. This is a special celebration among highschoolers that solidifies friendships, commemorates the end of the school year, and generally celebrates good times.

You can still try out rentals with a stage or dance floor for an intimate gathering among friends or a couple of students. But, if you want to include the whole class, the best way to let everyone get involved in the special event is by hosting a virtual prom night to give everyone a night of music, celebration, and fun times during the quarantine.

To help you celebrate prom with your friends and classmates from the safety of your own homes, here’s how to plan efficiently for virtual prom night.

Choose a Platform

Since many people are now opting for the internet for everything, from school to work, there are many video calling platforms you can choose from, including:

  • Zoom — If you’re looking to invite your whole class, Zoom is the best choice, as it can host up to 100 participants under a free plan.
  • FaceTime — If you and your friends use Apple products, this video-calling platform is a great pick, and it allows up to 32 devices per session.

You can also livestream your prom night on YouTube or Facebook to let everyone get involved.

Decide on a Theme

Like with traditional proms, having a theme for your virtual prom is just as important. You can make an online poll and ask everyone who will be attending the event and what themes they want to incorporate. Although complex themes can be ideal, it’s best to stick with something simple to allow everyone to transform their spaces that fit the bill.

Create a Playlist

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After choosing a theme, it’s only normal for you to pair it with an epic soundtrack. Make a collaborative playlist with your friends and classmates on a music app where everyone can add their favorite songs.

Decorate Your Space

Although it’s not the same as decorating elaborate dance floors, you can still make your space look festive for the event. The decorations you’ll use will depend on your theme, but you can never go wrong with string lights, LED lights, and star projectors, making your space more lively for a ‘lit’ and fun time.

Dress to the Nines

Even if you’re celebrating at home, dressing your very best is still ideal because it’s still prom after all, and it’s an event you’ll want to remember for a lifetime. Although you won’t get your special “say yes to the dress” moment in-person, you can still buy ball gowns or suits for men online.

Dance it Out

No prom is complete without dancing, and though you won’t be able to slow dance with your date, you can always rope one of your family members into dancing with you during the special night. If not, you can still get your groove on by yourself alongside your best friends and classmates virtually.

Document Everything

An advantage of virtual proms is that anyone can take screen recording or screenshots of the entire prom experience. After the event, have all your recordings placed together in a digital album and share with everyone, allowing you to keep precious memories that you’ll appreciate later in life.

Prom is an important milestone event that no teenager wants to miss out on, but many are left to stick with social distancing instead of dancing with their friends because of the pandemic. Fortunately, you don’t need to stress because throwing a memorable virtual prom night is just a couple of clicks away.

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