Don’t Forget To Ring Up Your Friends Every Once In A While

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Times are tough, and it’s almost impossible to find anyone who isn’t experiencing some form of struggle due to the Covid-19 global pandemic — its impact is felt everywhere, both highs and lows. And while the world has managed to produce vaccination rollout programs, efforts have yet to be reflected on a larger scale, and we still have a really long way to go before we can see some normalcy reemerge in our daily lives.

However, one crucial aspect of our health and wellness that far too many people overlook is the sheer importance of friendship. Despite knowing that keeping up with our friends and spending some time together offers solace, countless people mistake just how effective companionship can be. And so, today, we’ll be explaining just why friendship has become increasingly important amid the global pandemic and how you can strive to become a better friend as well.

Friends Teach Us Things We Can’t Learn On Our Own

Life is a journey that never ceases to amaze us with new lessons every single day; however, there are certain lessons in life that can’t be discovered on our own but only through the presence of a real friend. And especially during such turbulent times like today, having a friend by your side will most certainly help you navigate through both mixed emotions and the negative thoughts that might be clouding your judgment.

  • Highlight Our Strengths During Our Darkest Days: The global pandemic has crippled numerous people’s motivation and brought many of us to our knees, essentially making us forget all that we’ve worked up for and our aspirations. However, with a friend by your side, they have the ability to highlight and tell us our strengths even during the darkest of days. A friend shines like the light at the end of a darkness-filled tunnel.
  • Pave The Way For Self-Understanding: Our current circumstances brought the worst out of us and have even gone so far as to instill a sense of self-hatred and loathing for all our shortfalls. However, that one friend by your side acts as the support wall that you can always lean on, that one understanding person who helps pave the way for self-understanding as well. They help us sift through all the bad stuff and show us what we should truly value.

How You Can Become A Good Friend Too

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Of course, with all those strengths and advantages of friendship in mind, it wouldn’t be fair if you’re the only one on the receiving end and your friend does nothing but give and give. And so, to make sure that everything remains in balance, it’s only right that you put in the effort to become just as good of a friend too.

#1 Show Vulnerability And Weakness

Contrary to its definition, vulnerability is a superpower we all possess. When we show our closest friends our vulnerable side and the weaknesses we don’t typically share with most people, it builds an unshakable trust between you two. There’s something special to finding comfort in someone else and mustering up the courage to say things you’d normally keep bottled up, and it’s for that special reason why friendship is so magical. It’s comforting to know that you have someone who knows you so well that it’s almost impossible to tell the both of you apart because you’ve become irreplaceable in each other’s lives.

#2 Be Willing To Listen, Even For The Rambling

Everybody loves to talk and share everything in their life down to the smallest detail, and this love for talking has only been exacerbated by social media; however, a real friend knows when it’s time to listen. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that not many people are good at listening despite it being a basic sense and skill that everyone learns at a young age. And so, be open to lending your ear even if it manages to branch into some banter because your friend might be trying to unload a lot of burden with only you as the person they can trust.

#3 Provide Them Reassurance

Lastly, a good friend knows just how important providing reassurance can be, and given how tough the past few months have been, everyone deserves someone to give them a pat on the back and tell them that everything’s going to be okay. Truth be told, it’s the same solidarity that you discover by asking what are the principles of catholic social teaching, and the feeling of interdependence and love that shines brightest. So, don’t be a downer and let your friend know that everything will be alright and that the efforts won’t deny him the embrace of success.

Life Isn’t Meant To Be Spent Alone.

Overall, we want to remind everyone that life isn’t meant to be spent alone, especially considering that we are still in the middle of a pandemic. So, please take some time and give your friend a call, and you might even find out that both of you have been dying to hear each other’s voices.

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