Important Health and Wellness Tips for Vegans

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Like any other diet or nutritional choice, being a vegan entails certain responsibilities to keep you at your optimal health and fitness levels. Here are five of the most important ones.

Keep It Clean

For the past year and a half, many of us have been reeling from the effects of the covid-19 global pandemic. But if this deadly virus with no end in sight has taught us one thing, it is that being as clean as possible is one of the best weapons we have to fight disease.

But what does that entail, specifically to the vegan community? Among many other things, it starts by taking care of the clothes you wear and making sure you drop them off at the local laundromat when they need to be cleaned. According to plenty of studies, vegans are more likely to have lower levels of white blood cells than followers of other diets, and, as a result, they tend to have weaker immune systems, making them more prone to infection. And, as we all know, bacteria loves to create its place of dwelling in dirty clothes.

Don’t Forget about Protein

If you are into bodybuilding, you are probably very familiar with protein shakes and can name the many options available in the market today. But even if you are not, chances are you have heard words like whey, casein, and grass-fed. After all, they continue to gain in popularity among those in the industry of muscle and anybody interested in carving out a svelter, stronger, sexier physique for him or herself.

For vegans, protein is oftentimes a no-no. To many of them, consuming it goes against the fundamental principles of being a vegan, chief among them the caring for all animals found in God’s green earth. But what many of them fail to recognize, especially those in the beginning stages of their journey, is that protein is essential to human beings. There are different options available to choose from.

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Mutual Respect

If you want others to treat you with kindness and respect, you should also treat them accordingly. If you are looking for other people to mind their own business, you should also not interfere with theirs. This is common sense and one of the most basic truths of living in a society. Yet, for one reason or another, we sometimes forget about them.

If your friend or relative chooses to become a vegan, that is a personal decision that doesn’t involve you. It is a lifestyle choice they are willing to make based on their own beliefs and how they want to lead their lives. You shouldn’t judge them, mock them, or make them feel upset in any way. Likewise, if you are a vegan and your friend isn’t but rather loves steaks and burgers, while you can provide him with advice, his decision is also his alone.

Not Just about Food

There are many benefits to being a vegan. Studies show that vegan diets can lead to lower instances of heart disease. They can also protect your body against certain cancers and help you shed those extra pounds before the summer comes and you head back to the beach. Finally, they improve kidney function and lower blood sugar levels, decreasing the risk for chronic lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

But one thing they can certainly not do is replace your exercise routine. Whether you are thin or not, full of energy, or always tired, physical activity is paramount to overall health and well-being. It not only strengthens your muscles and improves your mental health, but it also increases your chances of having a longer life and improves your ability to do daily activities.

Not Set on Stone

For many, becoming a vegan is one of the best decisions they can make in their lives. It is a journey that brings change, a greater understanding of your body and mind, and a wealth of new experiences and possibilities. Still, that doesn’t mean it is something that has to last a lifetime, and you cannot go back to the person you were before. It doesn’t mean you cannot try it out for a few weeks or months, see how it makes you feel, and stop if you notice the changes you expected do not match the reality of your individual situation.

If you see that veganism is not good for you, then go back to eating meat or look into something else. There is nothing wrong with experimenting and trying out different things until you find that suitable for you.

As we have seen, there are important aspects to consider when choosing to be a vegan. So do your research, get the knowledge, and make your life the best it can be.

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