Eco-Friendly Sports That Match Your Sustainable Lifestyle

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Like all global activities, such as tourism, the sports sector is beginning to take its toll on the environment, leading to the rise of ‘eco-friendly sports,’ that amateurs and pro athletes practice conscientious of the environmental impact. While some focus on “greening their sport“, some are exploring activities that decrease the number of resources needed, such as water consumption, petrol, use, and energy consumption.

Here are some of the best eco-friendly sports that let you have fun without harming the environment.


Although golf in the past may not have been the friendliest to the environment, things are changing. You can expect to see more indoor driving ranges incorporating natural elements to their venues, practicing better water management, composting, and even providing solar-powered golf carts. The game lets you take in the beauty of the natural world, so it only makes sense you give back and be respectful to your surroundings.

Fuelless Pedaling

The most controversial issue with any racing sport is its detrimental effects on the environment thanks to its constant fuel consumption used to proper racing cars. Fortunately, you can still go on a race in an eco-friendly way, and that’s through using your strength. Cycling fits the bill perfectly, so instead of going on the track, go get a bike and hit the road. The best part about riding bikes is that you have full control over what you do, enabling you to set the tempo and locations where you want to ride. It can be a smooth ride through the city’s park or on a challenging mountainous path.


One of the greenest individual sports you can try is running. Not only is the activity green, but if you jog through local parks, you’ll be enjoying your natural surroundings—making it a win-win situation. Plus, the investment you need to make is on good-quality running gear, including water bottles, sweatbands, and running shoes.


Although skiing as an industry isn’t a clean one, executives are making a continuous effort of moving in the right direction. Nowadays, many ski resorts are switching to reusable energy, and many skiing gear brands are following more sustainable production procedures for their products. So, any time soon, skiers can enjoy this thrilling sport guilt-free.



If you love spending time in nature and water, ditch those expensive and polluting speedboats and go for something more environmentally-friendly, such as kayaks. Kayaking is an exciting sport to tackle, especially if there are a handful of fast river streams near you. However, you can also find fun in any body of water, from lakes to oceans. Paddling will help you tone all the muscles from your arms to your core without leaving a dent in the environment’s health.


If you continuously seek a thrilling experience and love the rush adrenaline gives you, you’ve probably thought of skydiving a couple of times. However, planes frequently need refueling, which is not suitable for the environment, leaving pollution behind and creating horrible noise that may disturb wildlife. Fortunately, you have a better alternative, base-jumping. This activity requires no planes, and you can get double the workout when you climb to your jumping point—giving you the same thrill as skydiving but minus the pollution.


While professional soccer is nowhere near eco-friendly as players are always traveling across the world and football clubs spending millions on field maintenance alone, amateur soccer is one of the most environmentally-friendly sports you can try. After all, all you need for a fun game of soccer is vibrant grass in your local park, a soccer ball, and two sticks for a make-shift goal post.

You don’t need to give up particular sports or any physical activity as there will always be an eco-friendlier version of it. Many athletes and sports organizations are exploring sustainable ways to make their sports kinder to Mother Earth, but everyone can exercise responsibly and try any sports mentioned for more fun and green experience.

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