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Before the advent and prominence of IoT devices, people could only join communities within their geographical location. Now, connecting with and getting help from people across the globe right behind your desk are made possible! For instance, through websites like gofundme, people can raise and donate money regardless of their country. Here are some more benefits of virtual teams:

  • Social Customer Service. As we all know, members can share their experiences and give advice online, so you can get support from people for a product or service you are having problems with.
  • Collaboration. Are you looking for new ideas for business or art projects? You can get significant insights from the other members. You can even collaborate with them without having to meet up in person.
  • Reputation. Posting regularly on the website can improve your reputation, given that your suggestions and recommendations are well-founded.
  • Sense of belonging. Interacting with people with the same interests and mindset gives a sense of belonging, increasing your self-esteem.

Here are some websites you can check out if you are looking for online communities that are driven by values and purpose:

Are you a first owner who needs help with your dog? This is the right place to get valuable and informative advice. Members share their experiences, issues, and solutions. Here, you can get recommendations about proper training and exercise depending on the dog breed.

This is the ideal platform for fitness driven people who want to take their wellness goals to the next level. It features diet plans, meals, and video exercises. Through the buddy system, you can find a fitness bud and possibly workout together. The coaching center feature provides answers to questions the same day. Don’t hesitate to ask in the forum.

Do you want to know the latest trends and even gossip about parenthood? You can never go wrong with This site features the latest news and blogs about parenting to empower women.

Started in 1998, promotes kindness and green living to make a difference in the environment and community. You can browse and join various petitions started by members and non-profit organizations.

With over 65 million members who discuss books, it’s easy to find interesting book recommendations, and you can also share your own. There’s a variety of topics you can participate in that include fiction, literature, fantasy, and science. As they say, this is where you might meet your next favorite book.

Are you looking for ways to spice up your fitness routine? Join then! This recommends new fitness dares and allows you to keep track of your progress. For every goal you accomplish, you receive new badges and rewards. You may also compete with the other member for certain health challenges to stay motivated.

This website is dedicated to seniors. It has over 38 million members online that discuss topics about aging, health, and retirement.

If you are an artist or art enthusiast who wants to improve your artwork, this is a great place to earn comments and suggestions. The other members give constructive criticism, allowing you to develop your masterpiece.

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Want to interact with other teachers from all over the world? Join! This site helps teachers discover ways to solve students’ problems, new teaching methods, and insights for lesson materials. You may also post videos or slideshows of your expertise. With an instant messaging system, you can connect with other members.

Are you fond of wine or coffee? This page discusses cafes, restaurants, and beverages. If you are keen on learning about the best ways to engage your customers, make better coffee and wine, this is ideal for you. You can get advice from members who are entrepreneurs themselves.

Committed to helping independent artists, they provide different resources to promote artwork. In fact, most of their artists have already put up their own business. started as a t-shirt company that expanded to a famous platform for home decors, arts, and accessories.

Focused on helping social workers improve their quality of life, this website keeps them updated on the latest laws and policies that affect social services. They also help recruiters find high caliber practitioners and develop their staff skills and abilities.

Undoubtedly, online communities are of great help to people worldwide. You can get support from members without the need to be in the same physical location. Just look for one that shares the same purpose and goal as yours.

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