Making the Space Feel Like a Home: What You Can Do

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When you come home from a long day of work, it’s crucial to have a comfortable and inviting space. But what if your apartment doesn’t feel like a home? That can be frustrating. Here are some ideas to make your apartment feel more like a cozy place where you want to spend time.

Add natural light

Open the blinds or curtains when the sun is shining. This way, sunlight streams into your home at all times of day, brightening up even the gloomiest days.

Put plants near windows

It adds some greenery and fresh air into an otherwise sterile environment, not to mention making it seem less cluttered. Plants are good for the environment and add some life to your home.

Add candles and scented oils

Light a candle or turn on one of those diffuser things to add a pleasant smell to the room and kill some bacteria at the same time. Candles are essential for when you have friends over for a dinner party, but they’re also nice to have every day. Make your home smell like something you enjoy. Have some incense or use oil warmer things plugged into the wall. You can even use scented oils for this. Your home needs to smell like you.

Hang pictures on the wall

If there aren’t any windows in some areas, you can bring in the natural light by hanging pictures of landscapes or outdoor scenes. Photos can provide a lot of warmth to a room and make it feel like home.

Use soft fabrics

Curtains, rugs, and furniture upholstery should be made from materials that feel soft to the touch. This will create a sense of comfort and relaxation when you walk into any room. Soft fabrics can also make a small room feel more spacious. You can add things like throw blankets and throw pillows to make it feel cozier, too.

Hide clutter

Cluttered rooms don’t seem livable. Ensure that all areas are tidy and organized so that things aren’t piled onto each other or, even worse, on the floor. It’s as simple as putting away clothes you’re not wearing today. You can also organize your books and magazines into colorful storage boxes.

Accentuate with color

Balance a dark room with light-colored furniture and walls, or add some punch to a lighter area by hanging up a colorful painting or a brightly patterned rug. Add color and warmth using wood. Wood is naturally inviting and cozy. If a room has hardwood floors, add warmth with a warm-colored area rug.

Organize the bookshelves

All those books and knickknacks can make a room look cluttered, so take a little time once a week to put everything in its place. It will seem less messy and more inviting in no time.

Add a comfortable seating area

An oversized couch or sectional can provide a space for you to relax at the end of the day. This area can be a great place to put your feet up and watch TV or read a book. Having a comfortable place to sit will make the space feel more like home.

Use mirrors to create the illusion of more space

Mirrors reflect light and make any room feel bigger. If the area is on the small side, try adding a few strategically placed mirrors to give the appearance of more space.

Make it personal

Add some family photos, your favorite book, or a meaningful piece of art to make the space feel like it belongs to you. You can also use your own furniture or lighting. Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects who you are and the things that are important to you.

Use area rugs and wall art

Area rugs can help define different spaces within a room and add a pop of color or pattern. Hang paintings, photographs, and other items of personal significance to add some personality. For example, if you’re a fashionista, add some chic photos of your favorite runway looks. If you’re a fan of something, use the authentic autographed memorabilia you got from an event or store.

Add a focal point

If a room is missing that particular something, try adding a large plant or piece of artwork in an area visible from the doorway. It will instantly create a focal point and make the room more inviting.

Create a relaxing atmosphere
lighting a candle to improve atmosphere

Dim the lights, light some candles, and put on your favorite playlist to create a calming environment. The calmness can make any space feel like home.

Whether you’re living in an apartment or want the space to be more comfortable, these simple tricks will help you get started on making it feel cozy and inviting. Just remember, the space must reflect who you are as a person. So use your own personal touches to make it feel like home.

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