Plant Power: Getting Fit on a Vegan Diet

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When it comes to building muscles and getting fit, many people are hesitant about using a vegan diet. Many connect building muscles and energy with meat and animal products. It is understandable considering a large amount of protein that a carnivorous diet can generate. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t get fit on a vegan diet. Here are some tips on getting a better body even if you follow a vegan diet.

Know Your Exercises

The first thing you have to know is what exercises you have available to you. There are three potential exercise types out there. Resistance training is a popular image that many people have of exercise. This is where people struggle against a form of resistance, usually a weight. This forces a muscle to work and build up. This is what happens when you lift weights.

Another type of exercise is cardiovascular training. This is when you train your heart and lungs to perform better. You can do this in various ways. For example, you can lace up your Danner boots and go on a long hike, or you can have a short and intense run.

Finally, there are weight-bearing exercises. These strengthen your bones, which are the foundation of your body. Fortunately, these exercises usually crossover with resistance training, so you can hit two birds with one stone. Different exercise types have different demands on your body. Knowing what these demands are can allow you to meet them.

Learn More About Vegan Diets

Many people make the mistake of confusing a vegetarian diet with a vegan diet. Vegetarians still consume a few animal products, mainly eggs and milk. A completely vegan diet means that you give up all animal products, which can mean a few problems. For one, you will need more proteins without meat. You need them to rebuild muscle so that your strength can grow. Besides the lack of protein, there are various nutrients found in low quantities in a plant-based diet. Most notably, you will lack iron and B-12. While iron is easy to get through beans and green, leafy vegetables, B-12 will require additional sources. Additionally, a vegan diet can be too healthy for athletes since there is no fat, which is essential in fueling many activities.

Get The Right Supplements


If you want to develop your body properly, there is no helping it, but you will need to take supplements. Several vegan supplements will provide what you need. Your main supplements will be for vitamin B-12. Most of the sources for this vitamin are animal sources like fish and eggs. This is the same problem when you want omega-3 fatty acid, which is mostly from fish. Take them in supplement form so that your body can function right.

Start Planning Your Meals

For you to get the most from your workouts, you need to have the energy and the right building blocks. This is where planning your meals come in. Depending on the sort of development that you want, you need to prepare the right foods.

First, if you are working out, you need to have energy, so plan your meals to have a lot of carbs. Rice is a favorite but pasta is also available. But besides that, you should also seek to add various sources of plant protein. Tofu and beans are a well-known source, but you can mix in nuts and grains. Finally, there are fats. You need to turn to avocado, olive oil, and other fat-rich plant sources so that your body can feel nourishment. For days where you are working on building muscle, focus on protein. For cardio days, energy is the goal, so fats and carbs should dominate the meals.

Finally, be aware of portion control. You can still get fat on a vegan diet if you are not careful. There are also delicious vegan desserts out there, with sugar being a valid part of a vegan diet.

Always Take An Extra Rest Day

Another thing to remember is that you will need a recovery period for your body to build itself back up. Plant protein takes time to process and convert into muscle. To get the best results, take an extra rest day. Do something low-intensity on that day to ensure your body’s recovery.

All it takes to get your body in shape with a plant-based diet is having the right information. With the right approach, you can still have the body you want, and you’ll be as strong as ever. Learn more about how to use a vegan diet to your benefit.

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